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Meet Jennifer, A Better Voice for Your Warehouse

Jennifer is the voice-directed picking and warehouse logistics solution from Lucas that adapts to your processes, systems and users, maximizing your ROI from voice technology. Jennifer communicates with your associates through a headset and the voice-enabled mobile computer of your choice. She uses information from your host or warehouse management system (WMS) to hold a two-way conversation with warehouse workers, instructing them what to do and verifying and responding to the information associates speak back.

Optimized Voice for Efficient Operations

Jennifer incorporates best practices gained from thousands of voice users at hundreds of warehouses and distribution centers. And since every DC is different, Jennifer is designed to adapt to your processes so you don't have to sacrifice operational efficiency to adapt to our software. Jennifer's voice interaction is tailored to your needs to maximize the productivity and accuracy of your warehouse staff, giving you a bigger, faster ROI from voice.

Voice Picking Plus

Jennifer helps associates work faster and more accurately throughout the warehouse, not just for picking. She helps associates in receiving, put-away and replenishment, and she also helps workers check completed orders, load trucks, perform equipment safety inspections, and more. These are some of the tasks Jennifer does every day:

* Voice Picking and Order Selection
* Receiving
* Put-away/Stocking
* Let-down/Replenishment
* Loading
* Returned Goods Processing
* Equipment Inspection
* Quality Control/Audit

A Better Voice for Workers

Jennifer has the friendliest, human voice in the industry, rather than a synthesized computer drone. Distribution center associates immediately feel comfortable conversing with Jennifer. They can ask her to speak faster or slower, softer or louder, and they can even ask for help and more information so they can do their jobs without stopping to ask a supervisor.