Gouda Incorporated

27 East 21st Street
Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10010
United States of America


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Gouda Incorporated is a full service product development company specializing in the design, licensing, marketing and production of both wearable and non-wearable gift products.

We specialize in developing gift products for retail and promotional purposes for many of the major institutions in the world. Our clients gain access to our first-rate global manufacturing resources and to the expertise we have developed through years of experience in specialty marketing. Unlike other design companies, we produce your product from start to finish and oversee all of the details in between.

Our clients have come to trust us with their brand identity and development. We strive to generate fresh ideas and to keep our collective finger on the pulse of new trends and materials innovation to make sure our customers provide unique product to the marketplace. We also focus on the creation of enduring product lines that become 'classics' and sell for years. Our New York showroom is stocked with many of the great products you have seen in the market over the years.

Founded by Kim Baker in 1992, Gouda Inc. has grown to one of the most trusted private label and corporate promotional product development designers and manufacturers in the world. And Gouda Inc. is a Women Owned Business. Come visit our New York City showroom or call us today.