"The Store Repairs Specialist." Providing national Retail, Restaurant, Specialty Chains, and Hotels with reliable property management services throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Dedicated to using the latest technology, our advanced customer services "Maintenance Online" offers customers the flexibility to access vital data easily and conveniently through our internet web page.
Responsive international contractor network delivers a variety of professional trades people to any of your locations. Emergency Plumbing, Lock, and Electrical Services 24/7.

We feel our competitive advantages are:

-24/7 coverage by CSM staff (we do not use utilize an answering service)
-Maintenance OnLine...our advanced customer services capabilities
-CSM is experienced and proficient in Officetrax, Service Channel, Facility Source, and Big Sky Technologies.
The following is our company description. We look forward to an opportunity
to service your repair needs.

H - Handyman
E - Electrical
L - Locksmith
P - Plumbing