Midwest Security Products Incorporated is a high security solutions provider for the retail market. What started as a small lock cylinder service center is now a leader in the retail lock hardware market. Full online ordering and management services bring a new dimension to lock and key control for the retail market.As a security consultant to dozens of different high security markets, we have the unique opportunity to bring “best practices” from industry to industry. This cross sectional information allows us to help our customers increase their understanding and level of security all without jeopardizing any of our customers valuable trade secrets. We take great pride in our ability to meet and exceed our customers needs and expectations day in and day out. In addition, we have developed strong partnerships with the manufacturers we represent. These relationships have led to an in-depth understanding of how high security lock cylinders are designed and manufactured. This understanding allows us to design and manufacture custom security solutions for our customers, which has separated us from the typical hardware suppliers.