DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express and Dependable Global Express have grown to become the leading ocean and air freight companies serving Hawaii and Guam. Our success and growth are due to our constant commitment to superior shipping, quality services and value. From experience, our team offers not only quality service at competitive rates, but our professionals surpass all customer standards to create customized solutions for you. Look into us. We are Dependable. From Start to Finish.

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DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express understands that every multiple shipment project presents logistical process complexities. We've created an independent Logistics Division to provide customized freight solutions exclusively for our customers to respond to their specific shipping requirements. As your single information source, we coordinate all shipping requirements into a collective solution.

Utilizing our industry network and trusted partnerships, the Logistics Division develops a definitive plan and most efficient schedule for each shipment phase. Our focus allows for service analysis, consultation and adjustment throughout the shipping process.

Our Logistics Division is dedicated to meeting your shipping needs. Some offered services include:

•Warehousing in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Honolulu, Maui, Kona, Guam and other locations.
•Weekly process reports:
◦Freight on-hand (the “On Dock” report)
◦Freight in-transit to the job site (the “Sail” report)
◦Various reports as required
•Coordination of heavy/oversized equipment between shipping origin and destination points.
•Consolidation based on a project area, phase, specified or predetermined timeline.
•Assistance in scheduling an on-island container movement system.
•Emergency expediting.
•Coordination of ocean freight, air freight and other types of shipments.
•Complete itemized freight listing within container prior to container arrival on island.
•Intermodal container movements for container load and less-than-container load shipments.
•Timely response to tracing requests, billing requests, and other customer requests.
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