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Xpedited Services LLC Xpedited Services LLC
Services- Truckload, Retail Freight and General Freight
Tampa Port Authority Tampa Port Authority
The Tampa Port Authority maximizes maritime commerce and expands the Tampa Bay and regional economies. We want your business, and we thrive on two-way communication of all types. * FLORIDA'S LARGEST CARGO TONNAGE PORT * HUGE LOCAL MARKET - 8 MILLION
JDA Transportation & Logistics Management Suite
<B>JDA Transportation & Logistics Suite: Driving Profitability in Today’s Complex Global Market</B> Fundamentally, the role ...
DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express understands that every multiple shipment project presents logistical process complexities. ...
Real-time Emergency Management: All Hazard Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Situational Awareness,
Early Alert reduces risk and mitigates losses from all hazards that may threaten or impact ...
DMSI Third Party Logistics (3PL), Supply Chain Solutions
DMSI is a third party logistics(3PL) company providing outsourced supply chain management solutions to retailers ...
Shippers, Brokers and 3PLs must evaluate carriers for safety and compliance, and document their procedures. ...
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